Committed to Organic Experiences, Back Bay Bistro is Now Serving Organic Coffee

Newport Beach, CA (June 2019) – Back Bay Bistro is proud to partner with Cafe Virtuoso to provide the highest quality certified organic coffee, ethically sourced and scientifically roasted. Starting off with four different coffee blends, the new coffee is now available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

According to Founder/CEO of Cafe Virtuoso, Laurie Britton, serving the best tasting cup of coffee requires a steadfast commitment to quality in every aspect of the process and it starts at the beginning. In addition to their requirement for USDA Organic certification, the company has established a minimum green coffee grade of 84 for their purchases. They employ the highest quality water treatment, coffee grinding, and coffee brewing equipment in the industry. Cafe Virtuoso has received the SCA “Golden Cup Award” in recognition of the standards they have established.

Back Bay Bistro Guests have the pleasure of enjoying new signature blends created exclusively for Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. The new coffee, roasted at their coffee shop and facility in San Diego, California, features specialty grade of coffee berries from Peru, India and Brazil. Best served black, each blend has their own signature fragrance and taste:

  • Guatemala: A well-balanced coffee with stone fruit and dark chocolate.
  • Spinnaker Blend: Sweet lemon acidity with hints of chocolate and bell pepper for a clean finish.
  • Portofino Roast: A blend of robust and smooth roasted walnut, cocoa with a subtle smoky finish.
  • Italian Roast: Vibrant, bold coffee with hints of caramel and bittersweet chocolate and a smooth buttery finish.

Back Bay Bistro's mission is to serve delicious and sustainable food with a laid-back luxe ambiance by our friendly staff and high quality, yet fair-priced foods. We are committed to immersing guests in the local culture, from the fresh, locally-caught seafood to local jazz music, and now the partnership with San Diego-based Cafe Virtuoso. With coffee being such an integral part of Californian traditions and pretty much everyone’s lives, both visitors and guests of the resort can now savor this offering and new experience.